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Tedburn St Mary, with a population of approximately 1500, lies in stunning countryside, 7.5 miles west of Exeter, just off the A30 on the way to Okehampton.

Tedburn St Mary Wikipedia Page

There is a wide mixture of housing in the parish, from traditional thatched cottages to modern housing developments, mobile home developments at Pathfinder Village and Woodlands, and a sheltered housing scheme for the older generation who wish to remain in the village.

We have a Village School, two Churches and two pubs, and a large number of businesses and sports and social organisations.

The original village was situated in and around the Parish Church of Saint Mary (dating from the thirteenth century). What we now consider to be the centre of the village was known as ‘Taphouse’, referring to an inn at the crossroads where the Crediton and Exeter roads meet, and it was Taphouse which eventually came to be called Tedburn St Mary.

The village has always been an important staging post between London and Cornwall, and we are particularly proud of the fact that the messenger who brought the news of the victory at the Battle of Trafalgar stopped off en route from Falmouth to London at the Kings Arms pub.

The Parish of Tedburn St Mary includes the village of Tedburn St Mary and Pathfinder Village.

We hope that you will discover the strong sense of community that exists in our village, and we hope that your time here, be it short or long-term, is enjoyable as possible.

“YOUR TEDBURN” PARISH PLAN: Please click for a link to the Tedburn Parish Plan

FAMILY TREE RESEARCH: If you are interested in finding out more about any of your ancestors who lived in Tedburn, please contact Jean Wise on 01647 61101 or you can email her on jeanw@wptsm.plus.com.

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