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To the residents of Tedburn St Mary.

Please see below a link to the Draft Teignbridge Local Plan (Part 2) 2020-2040: Creating Quality Places-Site Options.

There is an eight week public consultation from 14 June to 9 August 2021

The current Teignbridge Local Plan 2013–2033 was adopted on 6 May 2014.  In March 2020 you were invited to comment on the Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 1), which sets out the local ‘rules’ that guide the way new development will happen in the future. 

The Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 2) sets out a range of site options to meet the housing and employment needs of the district for the period up to 2040. It also contains site options for a new secondary school in Newton Abbot.  The majority of sites included in the consultation are around the district’s towns, maximising opportunities for access to services, employment and public transport as well as walking and cycling connections with the aim to minimise the need for car travel and so reduce the impact of development on climate change. Some small development sites are also identified in villages where they would help support and maintain existing local rural businesses and services.

The update of the Local Plan is being done to ensure that it reflects the changing needs of the District and its residents.Teignbridge District Council has prepared four documents that that they are seeking views on.  These are available to view online at www.teignbridge.gov.uk/localplanreview.  

  • The Draft Local Plan (Part 2) 2020-2040: Creating Quality Places-Site Options
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment / Sustainability Appraisal Stage B Report This set of reports consider the effects of the plan on the environment, people and  economy, and considers all the reasonable alternative sites and distribution scenarios.
  • Draft Habitats Regulations Assessment – Initial Site Option Screening Report This is an assessment of site options carried out in order to assess the potential for likely significant effects on a European Wildlife Site or European Offshore Marine Site.
  • Consultation Statement Contains details of how engagement is linked to preparing the plan strategy and site options for development. It also shows there is conformity with the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement. (Adopted in June 2019) An explanation of the way representations have been taken into account for preparing Part 2 of the Draft Local Plan is given.

Comments can be made on any or all of the documents listed above using the following methods:

·         Online survey at www.teignbridge.gov.uk/localplanreview

·         Email localplanreview@teignbridge.gov.uk

·         In writing by post to Local Plan Review, Spatial Planning and Delivery, Forde House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4XX

·         A copy of the survey can be printed for those people who do not have access to the internet.  This is available at  www.teignbridge.gov.uk/localplanreview in the ‘How can I comment?’ section.

There are also additional technical reports which provide further background evidence of the work carried out to produce the second part of the plan, but where comments are not being sought. These include:

  • Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment

Comprises a detailed assessment for each potential site, cross referenced to a map/plan showing the location and boundary of the site.

  • Low Carbon Evidence Base Report

To identify how and where low carbon development should feature in the district under the updated Local Plan. It provides a comparison between future district energy needs and the available renewable energy resource, and contains recommendations for the transition to net-zero emissions.

As the Draft Local Plan (Part 2) is quite long and complex, they have produced a short ‘Need to Know’ Guide, which summarises all the information about the Plan in a straightforward, jargon-free way. 

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will not be holding any public meetings or events.  However, we will provide other ways for you to ask questions and view all the information you need to be able to share your views on the plan.

To keep up to date on news of the Local Plan Review, please check:

If you have any questions, please contact the Local Plan Team on 01626-215735 or email localplanreview@teignbridge.gov.uk.

Please note that comments cannot be treated as confidential, and anonymous or verbal comments cannot be taken into consideration. Comments will be published on our website excluding phone numbers, email addresses and signatures. You can see copies of all comments online at www.teignbridge.gov.uk/localplanreview or at our offices once all they have been reviewed and considered.

Inappropriate comments including those which are racist, sexist, xenophobic, defamatory, prejudiced or otherwise likely to cause offence will be removed and not considered.

All comments must be received during the consultation period.  Any responses received after this deadline may not be considered.

If you need this information in another format, or have any queries please email localplanreview@teignbridge.gov.uk or call 01626 215735. 

Tedburn St Mary Parish Council will be discussing the plan at the July and August meetings and will agree the parish council’s formal response but all residents are encouraged to read the plan and respond individually if they wish.

Tedburn St Mary Parish Council


07932 386023

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