Tedburn Community Choir

One of the most successful groups in the Parish is the Tedburn Community Choir. The Choir is very informal – anyone can join, and there are no auditions. We have a great time at rehearsals with our inspirational teacher, Julia.

We sing a very wide variety of music, from spirituals to songs from musicals, and songs from the 50s right up to date, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

All you need is something black and red to wear!

The choir’s latest concerts were performed at Fingle Glen Golf Club and Tedburn Methodist Church on 8th/9th December 2016. On 16th October 2016 they also performed to a sold out audience at the Exeter Northcott Theatre. Check out these videos of the choir singing “One Day More” at the Tedburn Methodist Church, “The Rhythm of Life” at the Northcott Theatre and “Gaudete” at Exeter Cathedral.

Tedburn Community Choir – Tedburn Methodist Church

Tedburn Community Choir – Northcott Theatre

Tedburn Community Choir – Exeter Cathedral

The choir also has its own Facebook page.

2017 Concert Schedule

To Be Announced.

Tedburn Choir

Tedburn Community Choir


Terry Wood – 01647 61454

3 thoughts on “Tedburn Community Choir

  1. Am moving to pathfinder soon.belong to choir in kingskerswell at moment so interested in joining yours if needed.Mrs linda tucker.

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