Tedburn St Mary WI

The Tedburn WI, which was formed in 1927, is an active group which gives local women of all ages the opportunity to make new friends, to learn new skills and to have a great time.

We meet once a month at the Village Hall, on the first Tuesday of the month, at 7.30pm.

There is usually a speaker, and always at least one or two friendly competitions. Details of our upcoming programme of meetings are listed below:

March 7th, 2017 Portrait painting in pastels with Anthea de la Roche.

Competition – Easter cup cakes or biscuits.

April 4th, 2017 Aromatherapy oils for everyday with Mandy Vellacott.

Competition – Perfume bottle

May 2nd, 2017 Annual meeting and Resolutions. Cheese and wine
JUNE 6th, 2017 Saving Castle Drogo with Paula Clarke.

Competition – Jelly mould

JULY 4th, 2017 My life with Ducks with Alexis Swain. Competition – Limerick about a duck
AUGUST 1st, 2017 OUT MEETING – Venue TBC
SEPTEMBER 5th, 2017                             Why chose an independant Travel Agency with Emma Bright.

Competition – Holiday snap of you

OCTOBER 3rd, 2017 Open meeting Antiques with Charles Lanning of Bonhams.

Competition – Most usual Antique

NOVEMBER 7th, 2017 Easy sweets for Xmas with Sally Wilson.

Competition – 5 Xmas sweets

DECEMBER 5th, 2017 Members night.

Members bring and share

We also have a walking group which meets once a week in the Winter months, and twice a week in the Summer.  Our walks are not too strenuous, but allow members the chance of getting some fresh air and exercise.

The WI also regularly provides refreshments at Village events, including the Fair, held each September.

We are active members of the Devon Federation of Women’s Institutes, and regularly hold events with other local groups, such as themed meals, trips to places of interest, skittles, darts and croquet.

We are more than just Jam and Jerusalem – why not come to one of our meetings and find out more about what we do!


Mrs Jean Wise
Tel 01647 61101
Email jeanw@wptsm.plus.com
Mrs Jane Burrow
Tel 07814 659256
Email jane.heard@yahoo.co.uk

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