Telephone Kiosk 

Our lovely old iconic red telephone kiosk is redundant and we don’t know what to do with it!

Through the kindness of Lyn-Deville Wyle, and her late husband Ian, we have managed to secure the kiosk for Tedburn but it will have to be moved to a new location as Lyn understandably wants her land back that the kiosk currently occupies.

The Enhancement Group are willing to look after the kiosk in a new location but the question is where can we put it and what do we do with it? Library or what??? Even an events’Notice Board’? Over to you!

A possible new home could be the Parish Notice Board area. However, this would require permission from the Parish Council and it would also need the Council to include it on their insurance.

Lyn wants the kiosk removed asap and Mr Hugh Griffiths, of Hi-Line, has kindly offered to remove and store the kiosk whilst the village considers a future home and a new use for it.

Parishioners may decide they don’t want it kept in public ownership in which case it is envisaged it will be sold. Should this happen Lyn has very generously said she is happy for the proceeds to be used for the benefit of the community.

Lyn, of course, is the new owner of a potentially very valuable kiosk but is, nonetheless, more than happy to pass ownership of the kiosk to us for the princely sum of £1!!

I used the term ‘iconic’ earlier and wouldn’t it be a lovely legacy to secure the kiosk for future generations to wonder at and I can personally remember pushing button ‘A’ and ‘B’ centuries ago before you could speak to whoever you were calling. Happy days!

Please email me with any ideas and thoughts at or ring 01647 61505. Preferably by Monday 20th November.

Thank you, Roger Sibley.


Vacant Plots 

We have a number of plots becoming vacant at the end of this year.

If you are interested please phone Fred Pike on 01647 61518

Affordable Homes for Tedburn St Mary – could one be for you? 

Most residents of Tedburn St Mary will be aware that some new houses are being built at Moor Park, Cheriton Bishop. 2 of these homes will be for shared ownership purchase and are now being marketed. If you are in housing need and have a local connection to Tedburn St Mary you can be considered for these properties.

To be in housing need you must be living in unsuitable accommodation but be unable to afford to buy or rent a property on the open market. For example, you may be an adult but living with your parents because you cannot afford to rent locally or you may be a family struggling to afford your current home or on a short term lease.

The houses both have 2 bedrooms and would cost £78,000 for an initial 40% share. You would also need a deposit.

If you are interested in these properties or would like further information please call Teign Housing on 0300 100 0021.

Grit Bins 

Please be advised that we will not proactively fill grit bins prior to the start of the winter period. However, we will respond to any requests that are made via our webpages. Therefore, please visit our report a problem page if you are aware of any grit bins, within your communities, which are damaged, empty or the contents are unusable;

If you would like any further information in relation to our winter service please vis-it our webpages; How do we do it? | Roads and transport


We are looking for new members to join our small club. We have two tennis courts at the beautiful Recreation Association field. Twice a week, weather permitting, we meet informally to play. Only basic skills needed, as we are all improvers! Full details are posted at the courts. We also like to encourage hiring of the courts on a casual basis.

If you would like to make direct contact with us, please ring Linda or Gil Bellshaw on 01647 61479 or Ian Gass on 01647 61136

or email:

Tedburn Kitchen

Can you help with our community project?

The idea is that we give the gift of a home-cooked, oven ready meal to people who might have trouble cooking at the moment, maybe due to moving home, illness, a new baby, or having lost a loved one.  The Methodist church provides freezer space and containers for meals.  If you’re cooking, you put a few extra portions aside and give to one of our members, to freeze, ready to give when needed. We then co-ordinate delivery of the meals to people who need them, by friends or neighbours.

In our first month we have provided more than 30 meals to local households, and have received lots of lovely thankyou messages.

If you can help, with occasional cooking, or (just as important) letting us know of people who might need this, you can contact Helen Fry on 07772 436516, or search ‘Tedburn Kitchen’ on facebook.

Tedburn Kitchen is a project based at Tedburn Methodist Church.


The following dates have been booked for informal drop-in surgeries with Community Beat Officer Jon Croft/PCSO Paul Tucker.          

Parishioners are invited to attend police surgeries on the following dates to discuss matters of local importance or to talk confidentially with your local policing team.

Thursday 27th July 2017                 18.00-19.00 Pathfinder Village Hall


‘Your Tedburn – Our History’

The Little Chapel Trustees and the Parish Council are working together to set up a permanent display of our village history in the Little Chapel which will be open to the public on a regular basis.

As you will know from recent displays in the Village Hall we have a multitude of articles, letters, cuttings and artefacts from the last hundred years or so. We would like to be able to display these for the enjoyment of parishioners and visitors.

We have a number of people interested in helping with the project but we need help with:

  • Display of items
  • Cataloguing and Archiving
  • Management of the Project

If you can help, please contact either Terry Wood 01647 61454 or

Gil Bellshaw 01647 61479           Email:


Need something to do on a Tuesday evening then why not try BADMINTON in the village hall?

Any age, any ability, fun and fortnightly. You never know you could be an Olympic Champion!

Contact Malcolm on 01647 61511.

2nd Tuesday of the month, check the Tedburn Times for dates 7pm-11pm or just drop in.

See you there.


Acorn is looking for volunteer’s to help us continue to support the elderly and vulnerable in our communities. Whilst we live in a beautiful part of the country, our rural location can be isolating for some individuals. Acorn works hard to reduce this isolation by support the emotional and social needs of the elderly.

We are in search of volunteers who can contribute some volunteering time. That could be anything from 1 hour a month to one morning a month.

The services that need support are:

  • being prepared to drive clients to appointments such as the GP surgery, hospital or podiatry clinics;
  • driving our minibus to Sainsbury’s so our clients can do their shopping (minibus training provided);
  • Engaging with our clients at our various services which include coffee mornings, lunch clubs and much much more

If you have any time please do call Jackie Thomas on 01647 252701.


Free service – Tedburn Community Library
Need something different to read without going into town? Come and see our large selection of books and dvds. Open Saturdays
10am till 12 and Thursdays 3 till 4.30 in the Methodist Hall, when possible. No charge or membership required (yes, really. We just ask that you return the books when finished). We are very grateful for extra volunteers and also small donations of ‘popular’ books & dvds in good condition. Any enquiries to Chris on 61311. Thank you.

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