8 thoughts on “Your Councillors

  1. I can’t find an e mail address for the clerk…..so I hope this information is passed on to the councillors.
    As a regular visitor to the beautiful village of TSM I can’t help noticing the shabby….slimy disgusting bus shelter that the local children wait by in the mornings….its well overdue for a clean….difficult to see through the glass.
    Please can some one see that this gets sorted

    Best Regards

    Deirdre Douglas

  2. Hello.
    Wanted to question about the children’s play park by the rec. The park its self is in a good state although I feel the stumps where the old climbing frame was is unsafe. ..there are stumps that twice my child has fallen over lucky without hurting herself.
    Is there any chance of new equipment?
    Some tar mac or bark instead of grass, the park is unusable once the winter kicks in as the grass turns to mud.
    Why spend money on gym equipment that I feel will not get the use like new park equipment would.

    • Hello Mrs E
      thank you for your question. New Equipment is being looked into and also a new play area is planned for young children at the centre of the Village at Millennium Orchard at the end of Cleave Close. I believe matting is to be placed around the existing play equipment at the Recreation Ground in the coming months.

      I hope you get to enjoy the new area and the play equipment at the Recreation Ground.
      many thanks
      Debbie Radford-Lewis
      Parish Clerk

  3. Hello. Who do u contact with regards to cars parking along school lane by the grass verge by the council bungalows?

    It’s getting increasingly difficult to pass and get cars out of the carpark by winslake meadow.

    There is normally 3 cars or 2 cars and a van there, I’ve seen delivery Van’s struggle to get past on many occasions

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