The Tedburn St Mary Allotments Association is a relatively new venture within the parish having been established in 2009.

A request for allotments had been made to the Parish Council, which under its statutory responsibility secured land from a supportive local landowner.  30 plots were created and a committee was established to ensure the effective and efficient running of the site.

The main aims of the association are to help members have fun growing their own produce, and to ensure that the allotments are accessible to all.

As well as the hard work that goes into preparing the land and nurturing crops, the allotments calendar also includes fundraising social events.

Allotment 3    Allotment 2    Allotment 1

Contact:   Fred Pike, Chairman  01647 61518

1 thought on “Allotments

  1. Hi I would like to ask if it were possible to have a half or quarter plot as I don’t think I could manage a full size plot, unless they are small plots.
    I used to hsve an allotment and moved to Tedburn two years ago now have my north faci g garden n established it would be nice to grow veg again VivJames

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