TADS Archive

Our plan is to build an extensive TADS’ archive containing photos of old shows, copies of programmes, posters and other show related material.

Full list of TADS Past Shows

Mainly thanks to Jen Welsh, who has been involved with TADS for well over 40 years, we have an amazing archive of old programmes available for you to view. Follow the link below to view programmes going back 60 years! There are also archives of past posters and press cuttings from the Crediton Courier.

TADS Programme Archive

TADS Poster Archive

TADS Press Cuttings

TADS Photo Archive

We may need also some help in identifying performers and shows from the past. If anyone can identify the shows & performers from the photos below, please let me know via the comments section at the bottom of the page or via email at webmaster@tedburnstmary.com.

Happy browsing!
David Smith

TADS 0001

TADS 0002

TADS 0003

TADS 0004

Left to Right: Harold Stacey, Roger Woolnough, Mr Fields, Dora Martin, Roy Cheriton

TADS 0004

3 thoughts on “TADS Archive

  1. Love the old pictures. Be great to know names of even more people.
    Lovely to see faces we knew. Thanks and I am looking forward to more as well!!

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