Meeting Agendas

The agenda for forthcoming Parish Council meetings will appear here at least 3 days prior to the meeting

Meetings are now being held in the main hall of the Tedburn St Mary Village Hall on the first Monday of every month at 7.30 pm.

2021 Parish Council Meeting Agendas

4th January 20211st February 2021
1st March 20216th April 2021
5th May 2021AGM 2021
Annual Parish Meeting 2021June 2021
July 2021August 2021
September 2021October 2021
November 2021December 2021

2020 Parish Council Meeting Agendas

6th January 20203rd February 2020
2nd March 2020Ext Meeting 11th March 2020
Ext Meeting 20th March 202029th June 2020
14th July 20203rd August 2020
7th September 20205th October 2020
2nd November 20207th December 2020
Ext Meeting 21st December 2020

2019 Parish Council Meeting Agendas

7th January 20192nd February 2019
4th March 20191st April 2019
29th April 2019Annual Meeting 14th May 2019
AGM 14th May 20193rd June 2019
1st July 20192nd September 2019
Ext Meeting 18th September 20197th October 2019
Ext Meeting 9th October 20194th November 2019
2nd December 2019

2018 Parish Council Meeting Agendas

Agenda January 2018Agenda February 2018
Agenda March 2018Agenda April 2018
Agenda May 2018AGM agenda 2018
Annual Meeting Agenda 2018Agenda June 2018
Agenda July 2018Agenda August 2018
Agenda September 2018Agenda October 2018
Agenda November 2018Agenda December 2018

2017 Parish Council Meeting Agendas

Agenda March 2017Agenda April 2017
Annual Meeting Agenda 2017AGM Agenda 2017
Agenda May 2017Agenda June 2017
Agenda July 2017Agenda August 2017
Agenda September 2017Agenda October 2017
Agenda November 2017Agenda December 2017

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