Latest Council Minutes

Minutes of parish council meetings can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the links below.

2021 Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

4th January 2021 Approved 1st February 2021 Approved
11th March 2021 Approved6th April 2021 Approved
5th May 2021 Draft5th May 2021 AGM Draft
5th May 2021 Annual Mtg Draft

2020 Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

6th January 2020 Approved3rd February 2020 Approved
2nd March 2020 ApprovedExt Mtg 11th March 2020 Approved
Ext Mtg 20th March 2020 Approved29th June 2020 Approved
14th July 2020 Approved3rd August 2020 Approved
7th September 2020 Approved5th October 2020 Approved
2nd November 2020 Approved7th December 2020 Approved
Ext Mtg 21st December 2020 Approved

2019 Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

7th January 2019 Approved4th February 2019 Approved
4th March 2019 Approved1st April 2019 Approved
29th April 2019 Approved14th May 2019 Annual Mtg Approved
14th May 2019 AGM Approved3rd June 2019 Approved
2nd July 2019 Approved2nd September 2019 Approved
Ext Mtg 18th September 2019 Approved7th October 2019 Approved
7th October 2019 Closed Mtg ApprovedExt Mtg 9th October 2019 Approved
4th November 2019 Approved

2018 Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

Approved January 2018Approved February 2018
Approved March 2018Approved April 2018
Approved Annual Meeting May 2018Approved AGM May 2018
Approved May 2018Approved June 2018
Approved July 2018Approved (Extraordinary) August 2018
Approved September 2018 Approved October 2018
Approved November 2018Approved December 2018

2017 Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

Approved January 2017Approved February 2018
Approved March 2017Approved April 2017
Approved Annual Parish Council Mtg 2017Approved AGM May 2017
Approved May 2017Approved June 2017
Approved July 2017Approved August 2017
Approved September 2017Approved October 2017
Approved November 2017Approved December 2017

2016 Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

November 2016 ApprovedDecember 2016 Approved

Remember:  Up to the first 30 minutes of each Council meeting is set aside for members of the public to raise issues.

Please come along if you have anything you would like to raise, or if you would like to learn more about what we do

3 thoughts on “Latest Council Minutes

  1. Members I am very surprised that “works ” carried out are not finished properly .
    1. great gates installed but going through the small gate “ONE” needs waders ,why was there no hard core and gravel placed there .
    2. during the summer the top path was not kept clear, all over grown , the brambles tripping walker up .
    3 let us hope that the cricket pitch will be mown properly and OFTEN. I know fo a fack several volunteers are prepared to mow on a rota
    4 make more use of the Pavillon ,it seems to stand empty and unused . this is a shame as so much money has been spent on it .
    5 please put a notice board on the wall of the Pavillon. to read the notice at the top of the lane is a differcult as you have to stop the car to read it. At the Pavilon is more easily seen

    If a job is done properly ,it is a know fact that people will appreciate and repect it . I think this may take time as the REC, has deteriorated over the past few years .

    So come on get it sorted , Tedburn has such a wonderful Rec. set in beautiful surroundings

  2. Dear Ms Clerk
    I wish to be involved in the next Zoom Parish Council Open session in Early October 2020 as a Village Resident. I have questions that need to be minuted. Many thanks.
    NB you state, as above, that my email details will not be visible. However, I can view previous comments and who had sent them ( with their email contacts) in clear view as below.
    I do not expect my details to be visible -( as stated by yourselves).
    Please amend or make contacting yourselves more accessible and private.
    Many thanks.

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